Advantages of Shopify over BigCommerce in 2019 – The enterprise ecommerce comparison

Are you looking for the best ecommerce platform out there? Then Shopify and BigCommerce are probably two names that you have come across quite a bit. Today we are going to take a look at a BigCommerce vs. Shopify enterprise ecommerce comparison and we are actually going to talk to you about three different ways in which Shopify significantly beats BigCommerce, so make sure to keep reading.

Pricing and requirements

While Shopify is known for being one of the more expensive platforms in the world of ecommerce, we have to say that when looking at the prices BigCommerce isn’t too far behind Shopify and their prices are pretty similar. What is different is the requirements that BigCommerce imposes. If you surpass a certain sales threshold you will automatically be required to upgrade to a higher payment plan. And while Shopify does have transaction fees, if you are using one of the higher plans those fees are removed, but you never have to subscribe to a plan you may not want to pay for in 2019.


When you are choosing a platform the credibility of each of the options is really important and it can tell you a lot about how the people behind them run the business. When it comes to the numbers, Shopify definitely has the higher ones, but more than that, they are actually transparent with them. On the other hand, BigCommerce stopped disclosing the number of paying customers they have and the number of active online stores they have back in 2015, and if you ask us transparency is always the way to go for us.

The help you can get

When you are a beginner, you are in need of all kinds of help and customer support is one par to the equation. When speaking about customer support in this BigCommerce vs. Shopify enterprise ecommerce comparison we definitely have to say that they can both offer you amazing customer support, but where they really differ is the kind of experts they can offer you to work with. Shopify has some of the most qualified experts out there working for them and they will even help you find the ones that are closest to you and allow you to work with them personally. This is something that BigCommerce doesn’t offer, and something you should keep in mind.

 While both of these platforms are at the top of all ecommerce platform lists out there, we can definitely say that Shopify is our favorite, as you can see from the article above. We hope that you found this enterprise ecommerce comparison of BigCommerce vs. Shopify interesting and that it has helped make your decision easier.

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